What I Know …


This is a blog about, well, what I know–or at least, what I think I  know

About Writing

About Living with Depression

About Being a Mom

About Being a Wife

About Being a Friend

About, well, Anything!

I’m a woman of a certain age. Being such, there are a few things I’ve learned, some through traditional methods, some the hard way. Let’s just say, I’m not one of those people for whom things come easily. I am quite familiar with the circuitous route and often, I figure things out slowly and painstakingly through trial and error.


So, if you’ll indulge me, I thought as inspiration strikes, I might write about things I’ve learned along the way in this thing called life. I do not presume to think that what works for me will work for anyone else. But I do hope that by reading my posts, you might gain some insights that will help you think about how you’re walking your road.

P.S. Thanks to my friends Kim, Regina, and KaLyn for inspiring me!


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