It’s a rainy day–a day for reflection. I recently lost my dear friend, Katy. Quite simply, I miss her. Some days, like today, more acutely. I wish we’d had more time, but I cherish the time we had.

Here’s my offering on time.



Time is a feckless bitch

She’s here and she’s not

She’s blamed and praised

She never stands still

She moves ahead, relentlessly

Nothing stops her

She goes

Whether we go with her or not

She’s blamed and we grieve

When a child leaves us

By choice or too soon

We blame her and grieve

When a friend leaves us

At 50 or 80, we say

Where did the time go?

I wish we’d had more time

We talk about how they

Cared for the time they had

But still their time is gone

Along with our time with them



Time keeps moving

Despite our vain attempts

To stop or slow

Her unremitting march

Diet, exercise, surgery, chemo

Still she moves at the same tempo

We ignore her

Long for more of this feckless lover

But in the end

She always leaves


Time has only one

Against whom

she has no defense…




Hold her

Embrace and caress her

Live in her

Appreciate her

Love her

Acknowledge her


And time loses her power

We think not of time

So absorbed and occupied

We become rather by



© Deborah Grace Staley



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