Holiday Blog Tour!


Holiday Blog Tours Starts in 3…2…

…1. Well, actually two.The Holiday Blog tour is upon us!

Starting TODAY you can read some up-and-coming, some bestselling and some soon-to-be best selling authors. And they’ll get you in the holiday spirit!

We have something for everyone, from poets to fiction writers and some memoir folks are coming to party too.

And if you’re a really good reader, some will have a present for you. And if you’re a super good reader, and read all the stories, there’s a present for you, too. But you have to wait until the end.

First one up is Julia Amante, author of Evenings at the Argentine Club and Say You’ll Be Mine. If you leave a comment on her post, you can be entered to win one of her novels.

Here’s the full list:

Dec. 2 Julia Amante
Dec. 7 Lupe Mendez
Dec. 9 Maria Ferrer
Dec. 11 Toni Plummer
Dec. 12 Mayra Calvani
Dec. 14 Thelma Reyna
Dec. 16 Regina Tingle
Dec. 19 Kim Brown
Dec. 20 Gwen Jerris
Okay, so I totally lifted this from the fabulous Icess Fernandez, but I wanted to get the word out quickly 🙂 I will be sharing “My Christmas Angel,” an Angel Ridge Christmas short story which appears in my Christmas title, A Home for Christmas. For all who read and comment, I will choose one lucky commenter who will receive an autographed copy of their choice of Angel Ridge Novels!
Happy reading!

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