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Check Out My New Website and Win


Dear All:

I’ve updated and redesigned my website. I think it’s pretty cool, but I’d love to know what you think! Please take a moment to have a look.


I’m excited about the new look of my site and also excited about the new series of novels I’m launching in July 2014. Volume 1 in the Wilde Dunes Series, Simmer, marks a departure for me. If you’ve enjoyed my Angel Ridge Series, you’ll know that I’ve been writing southern, small town, sweet romances. The Wilde Dunes novels will be more contemporary sexy romances. There’ll still be a small town, southern setting and plenty of romance that is guaranteed to make your heart melt. They’ll also make your heart race! Writing these books have allowed me to flex my writing muscles. I think you’ll enjoy both series. If not, there will be something for everyone!

So, back to the website. You may be wondering how you can win. It’s really simple. Visit the new website, go to the CONTACT page, fill it out and tell me what you think of the new site. That’s it! The winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Winner will be announced June 1 on my Facebook page.




Tomorrow is Election Day. My husband, many of my friends and, I’m sure, many of you, have already voted. But I will vote on Election Day. There’s just something about going to my community poling place to vote with my neighbors. We gather at a small elementary school, in its cafeteria, to cast our votes. I love seeing the retirees who run this poling place. They are patriots who take time out of their lives to come in before dawn and stay till well past sunset to make sure my neighbors and I can be part of the political process. These are retired businessmen, teachers, homemakers, and farmers. Pride glows on their faces as they greet us and demonstrate how to use the voting machines. Seeing them, happy to be there, fills me with pride. Pride that I live in a country where we have the privilege to elect those who serve in public office. Pride that although my great-grandmother wasn’t allowed to vote because she was a woman, I can. And I will. Always. I may not agree with what those running for office stand for, but at the end of the day, it’s not about that. It’s about appreciating the freedoms and rights that so many who came before me fought for. They fought not only for themselves, but for future generations. For me. My dad, my grandfathers, uncles, cousins, and others I don’t even know of. They fought for my freedom. I often wonder about the women in my family who sent their sons to war. Did they also fight or protest for the right to vote? If not, the other sisters who shared my gender stood for us all. I’m thankful for the sacrifices made. I’ll never forget them.

Tomorrow, I will go to that little elementary school that sits up on a hill, and I’ll go inside, privileged to be able to cast my vote. And after I do, I’ll walk outside, look at the mountains, and if I listen carefully, I just might hear freedom ring.




Today, and everyday, I’m thankful. I should be writing, working on my deadline novel, but instead, I’m reflecting. I guess it’s because my son is graduating from college this coming Sunday. Another chapter ends. I’m sad to see this time in his life end. I’ve loved watching him grow into an amazing, responsible young man, have enjoyed getting to know his friends, too. But I’m also thankful that this time next week, he’s going to be a college grad and back living at home. I’m also excited to see him write the next chapter in his life. He’s going to do amazing things!

A few weeks ago, I realized that five years ago, this month, in the month of May (the fifth) month, my first Angel Ridge Novel, Only You, was published by Bell Bridge Books. And this September, my fifth Angel Ridge novel will be published. I’m sensing a FIVE theme here! So, I decided to give away five autographed books and a Kindle, one book for each month between now and September. I’m doing this with a heart full of thanks because I’ve been so blessed with having the books published and with readers who email me notes that inspire me to keep writing the books with the promise that they’ll keep reading. I think I’m the luckiest woman in the world!

So, if you’d like to win an autographed book or a Kindle, it’s easy. Just like my Fan Page on Facebook. The more people you get to LIKE the page, the more times you’ll be entered. All they have to do is mention your name when they LIKE the page. Easy peasy. Spread the love! Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deborah-Grace-Staley/195201377182584

And just to say I love you a little more, here’s a freebie you can download on your Kindle until Midnight Tonight! http://www.amazon.com/Wedding-Quilt-Break-Romance-ebook/dp/B005OM0MKC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1336862431&sr=8-1

May has me counting my blessings. So, what are you thankful for today?